An old 8 bit NES game; one of the few that actually used the NES zapper. The premise is that it was simulating an FBI training course. Cut-outs would swing around, and in a split second, determine which was friend or foe, and blast occasionally.

The game had three modes, there was Gallery, a Street Mode, and Trick Shooting. Each one with their own objective:

  • Gallery. You had a gallery where three cutouts would turn around, and one or two would be bad guys. In general, there were three types of Bad guy, cleverly named Villan A, B, and C. There was a good guy that corresponded (looked extremely similar in color and form) with each bad guy...A cop, Jessica (a lady in pink), and the Professor. You had a varying amount of time to nail the bad guys in the lineup.
  • Street. You had to go through and without missing five times, get all of the bad guys. (A miss being defined as hitting a good guy or missing a bad guy). They would scroll across the screen, pop out of windows, etc. It was mildly challenging, but it got predictable after a while. There was no limit to the number of shots one could use.
  • Trick shooting. This was a fun little game that involved trying to hit cans across the screen, and as you hit them, they would spin off towards the goal. The trick was to get them to land on the platforms without letting them drop. This game I remember as being simple even into the higher levels. It was great for killing 20 minutes though.

This game was quite common and was easy to find as people flocked to find a use for their NES gun that came with the system. Even with the proliferation of guns, most people only had this game and Duck Hunt in rheir 8-bit libraries. This game does not have an equivalent on any other system really, which makes it a real gem, despite how common it is. The game was in the first generation, and the gaphics weren't as refined as they were in the second or third generation of NES games.

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