Of course God hates FAQs! True Christians know everything (or, nowadays everything that Everything has), and He probably wouldn't want to show signs of His existence to everyone who prays, "Lord, if you are there, give me a sign"...

Seriously, this node was just one of my silly ideas I got when I remembered that stupid God Hates Fags page. I don't think God hates FAQs, He clearly loves people who help people. =)

How, then, shall I respond to him who asks, "What was God doing before he made heaven and earth?" I do not answer, as a certain one is reported to have done facetiously (shrugging off the force of the question). "He was preparing hell," he said, "for those who pry too deep." It is one thing to see the answer; it is another to laugh at the questioner--and for myself I do not answer these things thus. More willingly would I have answered, "I do not know what I do not know," than cause one who asked a deep question to be ridiculed--and by such tactics gain praise for a worthless answer.

Augustine, Confessions, Book XI, Ch. 12.

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