It seemed like a good idea at the time, of course at the time I had consumed two bottles of wine mostly by myself. I'm a horrible pool player, so my partner and I resorted to rolling the balls around the table, eventually deciding that the goal of the 'game' would be to try to get balls into the holes on the other person's side. This naturally gets competitive, and the balls start moving at a greater velocity, and I realize that we're actually playing air hockey with multiple round heavy pucks using our hands instead of those little plastic things. The little 'ow!'s that my opponent would occasionally emmit didn't prepare me for the eventuality that my pinkie finger would serve as the meeting point between two colliding pool balls. Damn, did that hurt.

Can I kiss it and make it better?

No, but you can go get me some ice to reduce the swelling. :)

And I sat down to play Dr. Mario on the old school Nintendo with a bag of ice against my right pinkie which now, at approximately T+24 hours, entirely purple.

It's all fun and games...

It wasn't my Idea!
I would like to get that straight right from the start.

The scene is a Summer BBQ, with family and friends, my girlfriend and her two children.

I hadn't been there most of the time but apparently her son had been on his best behaviour, so when he asked if I wanted to play pool I decided that I would...

Due to his height and the length of the cues at our table, 'pool' became an odd mixture of pool, air hockey and marbles.

Alex is a good boy.
He is well behaved in public.
He reads a lot and is very smart.
He is also sometimes very enthusiastic.

Nothing wrong with these traits.... normally...

The scooping action required to move the cue-ball however did not work too well with the over-enthusiastic actions of the young boy, and the heavy white ball sailed off the table to hit the glass door quite hard, which resulted in a loud Cracking noise.

Every single person in the backyard ( about 30 ) turned and looked directly at the door, at me standing there, and the boy who I think managed to stay hidden.

There was no damage to the door, but I swear that every guest stared for at least 30 seconds before turning around and going back to their chatting.

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