It wasn't my Idea!
I would like to get that straight right from the start.

The scene is a Summer BBQ, with family and friends, my girlfriend and her two children.

I hadn't been there most of the time but apparently her son had been on his best behaviour, so when he asked if I wanted to play pool I decided that I would...

Due to his height and the length of the cues at our table, 'pool' became an odd mixture of pool, air hockey and marbles.

Alex is a good boy.
He is well behaved in public.
He reads a lot and is very smart.
He is also sometimes very enthusiastic.

Nothing wrong with these traits.... normally...

The scooping action required to move the cue-ball however did not work too well with the over-enthusiastic actions of the young boy, and the heavy white ball sailed off the table to hit the glass door quite hard, which resulted in a loud Cracking noise.

Every single person in the backyard ( about 30 ) turned and looked directly at the door, at me standing there, and the boy who I think managed to stay hidden.

There was no damage to the door, but I swear that every guest stared for at least 30 seconds before turning around and going back to their chatting.