It seemed like a good idea at the time, of course at the time I had consumed two bottles of wine mostly by myself. I'm a horrible pool player, so my partner and I resorted to rolling the balls around the table, eventually deciding that the goal of the 'game' would be to try to get balls into the holes on the other person's side. This naturally gets competitive, and the balls start moving at a greater velocity, and I realize that we're actually playing air hockey with multiple round heavy pucks using our hands instead of those little plastic things. The little 'ow!'s that my opponent would occasionally emmit didn't prepare me for the eventuality that my pinkie finger would serve as the meeting point between two colliding pool balls. Damn, did that hurt.

Can I kiss it and make it better?

No, but you can go get me some ice to reduce the swelling. :)

And I sat down to play Dr. Mario on the old school Nintendo with a bag of ice against my right pinkie which now, at approximately T+24 hours, entirely purple.

It's all fun and games...