This action movie was released in 1985. Directed by Jeff Kanew. Written by Paul G. Hensler and Dan Gordon. The cast included Anthony Edwards, Linda Fiorentino, Nick Corri, Alex Rocco, Marla Adams and others.

On the campus where Jonathan (Anthony Edwards) is attending college there is an organization that plays a game called Gotcha. It is a game of paintball played on the campus that is active all day long. So you have to keep you paintball gun on you when walking to class, going to lunch, going to the bathroom, all the time. For Spring Break Jonathan and some friends go to Europe. In Germany Jonathan meets the sexy Sasha (Linda Fiorentino) who takes him to East Germany where they get seperated. Jonathan escapes back to West Germany on his own and he and his friends had back to the states. When he gets home he finds a film canister in his luggage. Suddenly Sasha re-appears and so do some East German spies.

IIRC there was a line of paint ball guns called Gotcha or Gotcha Guns. This movie uses the popularity that paintball rose to in the 80s as a plot device, it really doesn't play a major role except to set Johnathan up as someone that might be able to play a little cloak and dagger. I remember being a little disappointed by this movie, because it wasn't what I expected. I was expecting the paintball game to play a bigger role in the movie.

Jonathan: "Wirgins? You mean virgins! No I'm not a virgin."
Sasha: "I like wirgins."
Jonathan: "Yes I'm a wirgin."

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