In The Wheel of Time, Forsaken are the 13 most powerful channelers that went over to the Shadow during the Age of Legends. Their souls are so black that some people think the golden rule "no man can walk so long in the Shadow that he can not come back to the Light" does not apply to them.

Forsaken call themselves the Chosen, and make their servants do so also. They are very thirsty of power and not so enthuastic about having to share it with the 12 other Forsaken, which is why they plot against each other as much as against the world, and while even they fear Dark One enough not to kill each other (at least obviously), they wouldn't mourn seeing the others dead.

Lately, Rand al'Thor with his friends has been exterminating the Forsaken with nice speed. Luckily, Dark One has been resurrecting them at (almost) equal speed, or so it is suspected

. They are:

In the 22nd century AD, man is unraveling the mysteries of what we call matter. But a runaway chain reaction causes random electromagnetic pulses to be sent in various directions, confusing the orbiting missile defense system into firing at the Earth, causing a mass extinction. All races flee the godforsaken planet as it becomes unable to support life. When the great treasures left on the planet begin to attract space pirates, the Galactic Council sends a group of eight marines on pioncycles after the pirates. They are the Forsaken.

Acclaim's Forsaken for Windows, PlayStation, and N64 is a first-person shooter that plays somewhat like a cross between GoldenEye, StarFox, and Descent. There are five effective degrees of freedom, as the play system automatically controls roll, making it easier to find one's way around the levels. Overall, I found the game a bit more fun than Descent, especially considering I can handle a console joypad better than I can a keyboard.

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