One of the Forsaken, from the Wheel of Time series of books.

Also known as: Joar Addam Nossosin, Jasin Natael

If you're into the ultra-christian interpretation of the Wheel Of Time, Asmodean's sin is Envy.

Spoiler Warning!

if you have not finished the 5th book of the Wheel Of Time (The Fires Of Heaven, I think), don't read below...

At the end of the fifth book, Asmodean is killed. There is some debate on the net over who did it.. Here are the facts:
  • It wasn't balefire. "The word still hung in the air when death took him." Balefire rolls back time, and thus the word ("no") would have been unspoken.
  • Saidin was not used. Otherwise, Rand would have noticed.
  • It was someone Asmodean knew. Asmodean said "You. No."
  • The True Power was not used. It isn't mentioned until book 7, but Robert Jordan claims that the killer can be figured out from information in books 1-6.
Basically, there's a lot of evidence that boils down to it being either Lanfear or Grendal, and a few exotic theories that point to Padan Fain.

In book 9, there's some evidence that Slayer had the means to carry out the murder. Big deal! As far as we know, the Chosen are not in any way resistant to death. That is, the only reason a sword to the head wouldn't kill them is that their magic would protect them. But, Asmodean wasn't doing so well in the channeling department at the time of his death. So, the means to kill him is really the least important part. What is important is that Slayer fails the recognition test - Asmodean didn't know him. Because Lanfear was presumed dead at the end of Book 5, Grendal must have killed Asmodean.
In response to novalis's theory about Asmodean 's killer, he said that it couldn't have been a male because Rand would have felt it. Yes that is very true. But on that note, don't forget that Rand can feel women channeling too. Remember in The Shaddow Rising, when Elayne and Egwene were talking with Rand about Saidin and Saidar in Tear, and he could feel them channeling but they couldn't feel him. So if it was a female, Rand would have felt soemthing. Also, why would Asmodean fear Graendal?
Maybe this particular theory will be cleared up in the final few books.

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