This dish mixed with lye has been a traditional southern method of revenge for women in the United States. It is not meant to be served as part of a meal. Instead, it is poured directly on the offender's groin when least expected. Usual behavior warranting this harsh form of retaliation may include, but is not limited to:
  • Habitual drunkeness
  • Infidelity
  • Some form of abuse
  • Unkindness/disrespect that one wouldn't even inflict upon a worst enemy
Modus Operandi: Say, for example, that Mary Jo's husband, Bubba, was caught for the umpteenth time at the No-Tell Motel with the floozy of the week. Mary Jo decides that enough is enough. Well, while Bubba's out at work Mary Jo gets busy with her plan. She fixes Bubba's favorite supper with all the trimmings. The house is clean and has a deceptively relaxing atmosphere. The kids (if any) are elsewhere for the night. Mary Jo is wearing the outfit she knows Bubba can't resist, along with the perfume that puts him in a tailspin. Her hair and makeup is gorgeous.

Bubba shuffles home from work and is treated like a king. Being the dense, selfish buffoon he is, he assumes that he's actually done something decent to deserve such royal treatment. Sucker!!! After his fine repast Mary Jo suggests they retire to the bedroom. Again, Bubba thinks he's in heaven. Not long afterwards Bubba passes out. The fool never even suspects what is about to happen...

Mary Jo quickly dresses. Her bags are already packed and in the car. Silently, stealthily, she hurries back down to the kitchen where a single pot remains bubbling on the stovetop. Tendrils of steam waft up from beneath the lid. It is time. She turns off the flame and curls a potholder around the handle. Carefully, swiftly, she makes her way back to the sleeping louse who, once upon a time, loved her like no other. There's no turning back now...

Boiling hot goo sears Bubba's exposed skin as the lye eats away at his flesh. Screaming ensues. A door slams. Tires squeal in hasty exit...

Moral of the Story: Never assume your wrongs will go undiscovered. The truth can hurt more people than you think in ways one can't begin to imagine.
Every year in the fall, in celebration of national fight police brutality day, the Meridian Coffeehouse, a ramshackle, student-run coffeehouse of the College of William & Mary holds a hot-grits wrestling tournament. This event is free and a favorite of a select group of students at the college, the event will be moving into its fourth year in the fall of 2001.

The event is non-competitive and free, the Meridian has currently been allocated the cost for supplies (several gallons of grits and a tarp) within the college of William & Mary activities budget. Hot grits wrestling will continue as an annual event until such time as the structure known as the Meridian Coffeehouse is condemned.

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