A caustic compound, sodium hydroxide. Also known as soda lye or alkali. A very useful substance -- though it is no longer used regularly for making soap, it is used in making hominy grits, Drano, and oven cleaner.

If you see "Cocoa processed with alkali" on any chocolate product, rest assured that this means the cocoa has been reacted with lye.

Lye (?), n. [Written also lie and ley.] [AS. le�xa0;h; akin to D. loog, OHG. louga, G. lauge; cf. Icel. laug a bath, a hot spring.]

A strong caustic alkaline solution of potassium salts, obtained by leaching wood ashes. It is much used in making soap, etc.


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Lye, n. Railroad

A short side line, connected with the main line; a turn-out; a siding.



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Lye, n.

A falsehood. [Obs.] See Lie.


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