From an emotional point of view, Love and Hate are opposites; the positive and negative extremes of "like" and "dislike".

From a Holistic point of view, the second half of the above sentence is the correct part--"like" and "dislike", along with fear, desire, sadness, and whatever-else, are emotions. Therefore they *do* work on a sliding scale, much like we imagine. Love, however, does *not* qualify as an emotion in most philosophies, and "hate", in these paradigms, is often summarily rejected as some sort of f*cked-up illusion.

From a Chaotic point of view--and this is Chaos the realm of study and practice, not chaos-the-lack-of-organization--Hate is Love. Why? Well, Chaoists (along with many mystics) place Love outside the realm of the emotional; therefore Love has no opposite. But they aren't so silly as to deny that there is such a thing as Hate; everyone who's seen or felt it knows it's real, in some way at least. The theory that Hate is Love relies on Love's being a sphere where the other "feelings" we have are merely lines; there are realms, sectors, AREAS of Love, not just degrees like there are with the emotions. Hate is simply one of the realms of Love; it is Love expressed as its own opposite--something that only a sphere could do, I guess. This is a pretty abstract conjecture to be making, I know, and the only reason I've ever bought it is that Hate, when you taste it, is like Love in the Mirror. It's like watching water burn...

But anyway. Now, from a straight-up Magickal point of view, Love is simply the word for a god; that highest thing that Nietzsche says the Creator "Hung above us" so that we had something to aspire to, and by aspiring to it, we worship and sanctify Life itself. Heavy sentence, no? *lol* But surely, you're thinking, the "highest thing" like that must have an opposite--Hate, right? Okay, well, no. In fact, the highest things are the things most renound for NOT having an opposite -- Love, Will, The One, Laughter, etc etc depending on who you read. Hate in magickal terminology--and this is magick-the-field-of-study-and-practice, not 30-easy-steps-to-magick-by-Llewyllyn--is another way of USING Love, and one which, in the correct circumstances, can be just as sacred, pure and useful as Love can.

It's also easier, in any terminology, to Hate than it is to Love, whatever theory you accept about their relationship. It is also, in any terminology (any rational terminology, I should say), BETTER to Love than to Hate, except, as I said before, for certain magickal purposes. It produces better results, better health, and better understanding of the world to Love when one would normally Hate. For instance, if I were to take the Hate-Path when my writeups got The Treatment from some disgruntled noders, I wouldn't have to work at it at all. I'd just sit here and swear to myself, and maybe say something nasty, because Hate burns if you leave it in too long. Taking the Love-route not only sounds hippie, it's against our first instincts when we think we're wronged. But all of the above terminologies, with a little more study, also provide methods to induce the Love-over-Hate response; one of them is Laughter. Believe it or not, by laughing to myself at my negative reps, I can pretty much instantly transmute Hate to Love. The burn goes away.

This is enough for me personally to ascribe (for now) to the theory that Love is indeed the Stuff, and that Hate is just what happens if you cook it wrong. Otherwise, how could something so simple transform one straight into the other, without passing through any place in between? It's not like my Hate, when exposed to Laughter or whateverelse, rides the whole spectrum of feeling through neutrality and up into Love. It's just wham!--Hate, then Love. Like adding a molecule and WHAM! Where you once had oxygen, now you have water.

Anyway, that's what I know. Does anybody have any other or further theories on what Hate is and where it comes from? Love to hear 'em...