Was I nearly as anti-consumerism as I had initially thought?

I mean, here I was, walking the strip mall, money to burn, catching myself as a reflection running over window after window of goods. I had on at least one brand name item of clothing. My nails are acrylic, for goodness sakes! I pay some Asian lady every two weeks to ensure that people will second guess whether these plastic extensions are truly my own nails. I (ack!) bought my first set of new clothing in the last year at an Old Navy store in the mall! Have I gone mad?

I have always prided myself on being very anti-consumerist, or at least as much as reason would allow. I wouldn't lay down in front of a limousine to prevent rich folk from buying furs or items made in a Nike sweatshop. It isn't ethical reasons that motivate me, but purely social ones. I only work with myself as an individual marketing agent. I refuse to display any logos or slogans for corporate entities, aside from local establishments and private companies, on my body. I try as hard as I can to resist trends and fashion that has no permanence. Some of this is also economic; I can't afford to be trendy.

I can't tolerate the mall herd mentality enough to shop much, and it is quite hard to find clothing that isn't emblazoned with marketing icons even when I do go there. But I wonder if buying 3 plain tank tops at Old Navy could be seen as a chink in my armor.

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