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Puredoxyk is actually a hyperdimensional shade of black (Van Gogh identified fourteen different blacks, but he missed this one). It's in love with self-referentiality, so everything it says is suspect. There, you've been warned.

PD lives mostly on the Internet and has recently purchased vacation homes in some newer Dell keyboards, in the manufacture of which this particular color has come into sudden favor. It has one child, a sub-routine named Daemon, who currently stands at two and a half feet high and insists on appearing IRL as cute and curly-haired instead of an appropriate hyperdimensional color. Brat.

You can also learn far more than you want to about this user at, but you'll be spared the fiction postings unless you slip up and ask to be friended. Less solipsistic ramblings are at, at which site you'll also find the chroniclings of the Relapse. See, PureDoxyk fell off the wagon and is messing with polyphasic sleep again. God save us all.