The events of yesterday, this being my first shot at a computer in a bit.

It was a half day at school. Wake up at 6:00, go in, learn nothing, leave, go find something to do. The rest of my former clique having graduated in past years, I wasn't entirely sure about the last part.

I ended up finding a few kids I knew to go and get lunch with. After a quick split on the chinese/pizza issue, a few of us found ourselves searching for a parking space outside Cheng du while the others finished their meal inside. Pulling into the Resident Parking Only lot behind the building we saw a huge, old TV (the kind with wooden paneling) next to a dumpster. Yoink.

After this we tried to get it into Jeff's van. He refused, forcing us to find a way to tie it down to the other Jeff's old Chevy. So, after pushing the lopsided, three wheeled monstrosity across the street, we had what we wanted: a TV into a car.

Now we needed somewhere to take it. After a quick run around the town, we ended up at another kid's house, where a lazy afternoon party was going on. Beer, catch with lacross sticks, and mournful talk of the guy who was caught with two baggies and a scale. So we walked up and asked permission (of course) ans were quickly breaking the TV into small chunks of glass and wood across the lawn with any availible gardening implements (although I did more damage to my shovel than the set).

Next step: hiding the evidence. The house was on a backwoods cul de sac, so we were able to load the remains into a wheelbarrow with plenty of certainty that we would find somewhere to hide it. The five of us all loaded it up and, out of a seeming obligation to do something, took turns guarding sides of the wheelbarrow. Halfway there, we saw a car driving down the street, and froze (Not a good idea, but we weren't thinking about that at the time.) They pulled into a driveway a good 60 feet away. Carrying on, we heard barking, and saw the biggest great dane we'd ever seen! Moving faster, as it didn't seem to have a leash or fence, we got to the woods, and went, spilling bits of television, to a clearing, occupied by a rusting dryer, plywood, and a tire. Perfect.