Owing to compelling dreams while listening to a recording of Mahler's Sixth Symphony, I arrived outside Wintersweet's Halloween Party just in time to see two persons, whom I later found out were FactGirl and Blowdart, walking away. I then entered the house with the green door, to meet so many people who don't know each other.

It was a wonderful party, as well as seeing Wintersweet and her beau again, I had a great talk with her mother, and I was able to meet m_turner in person. (An aside: m_turner, a bearded man with long hair in a renaissance jacket, introduced himself to me with the words, "Greetings, I am stranger", I did not then reply, "Stranger than what?") It is regretful that no one brought a camera, otherwise we could have made great progress towards the selection of models for the calender, The Surprisingly Cute Geeks of E2.

There were copious amounts of great food, while everyone watched Princess Mononoke, I politely gorged myself on inari, rice crackers, eggrolls, chow mein, mu-shu vegetables, pickles, carrot cake, cheesecake, cider, soda, and cookies.

I had a wonderful time, and must recommend to Everythingians Everywhere, meet your fellow noders!