This is the SF Bay Area, maybe sometimes we are arrogant about being the only Bay Area, but it's a California thing. Anyway, I saw a TV blurb on this sport?. Apparently there is a long history of Mexican wrestling which involves the players wearing masks, and of course doing all the flying, jumping crashing and chair bashing that is par for the course in the big time now. Now a woman promoter (sorry, don't remember her name) is putting on shows in San Francicso at the Fillmore Theater. The scene is pretty parallel to Big Time Wrestling the way Mexican television parallels mains stream television. The venue is much smaller, the ring is smaller, chaos reigns. The mind warp wrinkle is that they apparently had a problem with the audience throwing things into the ring at the participants. To solve this, the promoter encourages, even I think supplies corn tortillas for the audience to throw at the wrestlers. The ring was carpeted in tortillas with the wrestlers throwing them back at the audience. I live a few hours North of the bay and haven't been to see it, but I'd say go find it if you're a local. It's right up there with the Battle to the Death of the Killer Robots that used to happen South of Market Street, (SOMA). Joe Bob says check it out.

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