Halloween's just around the corner. Here's a beverage you can serve to make the day a bit more festive:

Rated G Version For Kids:

  • Prepare one packet of grape Kool-Aid according to the instructions.
  • Ditto for one packet of orange Kool-Aid.
  • Mix the two flavors in a punch bowl and stir. It's recommended that you mix the grape into the orange rather than t'other way round, so you can watch as the punch turns black. Yummy.
  • Now add either a one liter bottle of ginger ale or 7Up or Sprite. Dealer's choice.
  • Drop in a couple of pieces of dry ice for a smoky bubbly concoction.

    Now for the fun part (I just discovered this step, as this recipe was presented the same as I've always made it in my local newspaper a couple of weeks ago, but with this step added. I haven't yet tried to do this, but it sure sounds fun!)

  • Take one (or more!) standard surgical glove and fill almost full with water. Tie off the end of the glove with a rubber band and freeze.
  • Right before serving, run the glove under some warm water ... just enough to melt the ice a bit so the glove detaches from the ice and is easily removed.
  • Plop that puppy (the ice! the ice! Don't put the gloves in it, silly, unless you're really grotesque!!) into your punch bowl. Scary, innit?

    Rated R Version, for adults of legal drinking age only:

  • Same directions as above, but add vodka to taste!
  • Okay, some people don't like vodka (the Cold War is over, people), and I have been informed that some rum will do just as nicely. So there you are. Use whatever libation you'd like, and just have fun. 'cause that's what bein' a grownup is all about, hey?

    Happy Halloween!

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