I walked from the ferry building to Blowdart's hotel because it was only raining lightly and I had an umbrella and it couldn't be that far right?

Right! as long as you don't get lost. Which I may or may not have gotten lost - I'll nevah tell...(but I will say if you are ever lost, DON'T ask for directions in the Ralph Lauren shop, DO ask in a touristy restaurant like Planet Hollywood). But by the time I was started on the right course the rain had picked up and the wind had really picked up and my umbrella flipped upside down three times and I got so frustrated I just gave that damn umbrella to a homeless lady with one tooth.

So, I got to the hotel and rang Blowdart "You're early!" he said. "be right down".

The Concierge guys were eyeing me in my 1994 fashion garb and whispering to each other like school girls "Good costume!" one of them shouted. I was ready to bust some of my slow-motion-Matrix-ninja moves on them but luckily Blowey come out of the elevator in time. He was fresh from the keyboard - looking very Northern Irish and pale...like he doesn't clean his plate at every meal.

"You're wet!." cried Blowdart "Let's go to Chinatown!"

"Yay!" said me, "Chinatown will be fun and lovely". Plus, I thought to myself, Isaac Mizrahi said that every girl needs a pair of Chinese silk pajamas! But oh, brothers and sisters, it was not meant to be...the rain picked up, the line for the trolley was long - Mexican food, here we come!

Ladies, might I mention that Blowdart is a lovely luncheon companion! He has excellent table manners and knows a lot about a lot of things and will let you talk about your kids if you have them (If not, talk about your underwear). Back to the hotel to dry off and node (we are assimlinated!) from the laptop. His tee-shirt read geek. That was costume enough - me in my 1994 fashion was as good as I was going to do...

So its time to take the O-Bus to Wintersweet's big party! The party was fun, but we didn't get to stay long. Wintersweet was so beautiful! She is sparkly and has mermaid hair down to her waist. She and her wonderful boyfriend were wearing wings (his black, hers rainbow). M_Turner showed up looking like a Renaissance gentleman - altogether a nice fella with a beard and long hair! Wintersweet's mom kept everyone entertained with a verbal "Getting to Know You Node"! We made nametags and sipped cider then had to scram for the bus back to the city.

I got so sleepy on the bus...then we arrived at the bus station and out to the sidewalk and we looked for a taxi. "Need a cab?" we heard from a New Yorkey sounding voice. The owner of a voice ushered us into a van (I was so scared! This guy could be a bad raper or killer taking up out to our doom!) and asked our destination and charged twice what the ride was worth. But at least he didn't rape or kill us so I felt pretty good.

Blowdart bought me coffee waited for my husband to pick me up (did I mention he paid for EVERYTHING?) and was so sweet and gentlemanly! He is now a friend and I am glad. Thanks Barry!

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