Gwynn is the less prominent of the two main human female protagonists in "Sluggy Freelance." Had a thing for Riff (d'oh!). She's Zoe's roommate and best friend, and they both work for Dr. Laura. However, Gwynn's discovery, use and abuse of her magic powers have created a serious rift between the two.

Gwynn has a similar build to Zoe (aka Pete Abrams Generic Cute Female #101), but she has green eyes, long brown hair and glasses. She originally rarely took off her spectacles, but since she started becoming a spectacle much of the time (groan) has been wearing them less freqently, as her clothing has shifted from generic to somewhat provocative (veering toward gothish at times).
Gwynn is an underrated character in the Sluggy Freelance universe. It was all too easy to write her off as a psycho bitch when she was trying desperately to win back Riff through any means necessary. But let us not forget that she was generally under the influence of K'Z'K when doing things like making the love potion of doom.

She never got much credit for her strength and courage in resisting, and ultimately overcoming, K'Z'K. She came back to a world where Riff had another girlfriend, she had no job and nowhere to live, and now she's a clerical slave to Aylee and isolated from her friends again. Gwynn cannot win, it seems.

Because of her near-continual solitude, her bespectacled appearance, and her fling with the occult, I suspect strongly that Pete must have had been influenced - perhaps even just subconsciously - by Thessaly of The Sandman.

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