On a Catholic mailing list, a poster pointed out the similiarities between Kenny in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut and Jesus (the real one, not the one in South Park). Kenny is killed and descends to Hell. On earth, everything turns to shit because people don't understand how to be. Just when everything looks lost, Kenny comes back from the dead and ends the war. Then, he shows people who and what he really is (by taking off his hood), and ascends to Heaven. Probably a coincidence, but interesting nonetheless.

As Gally noted, Kenny is actually talking under the hood. This leads to the next question: what is he singing in the credits song?

A fiend of mine managed to turn the audio of the opening credits of an episode from the first series into a wav file. Then he used a sound editor to slow it down without changing pitch. After repeated listenings, he made out the following words which are recognisable once you know what to listen for:

Kenny says I like girls with big vaginas, I like girls with big ol' titties.

Update: break says actually, Parker & Stone already revealed the intro song Kenny lyrics in interviews ages ago.. but what your friend got is almost 100% correct.
Update 2: ConfusionTheWaitress says I heard that in seasons three and four Kenny's line in the theme song is changed to 'I have got a ten inch penis' x2

Kenny McCormick came from a poor family, whose home was like a third-world country. Both of his parents are unemployed, unless you count drinking Scotch. He had an older brother named Kevin. Kenny was easily recognizable by his orange parka, which covered most of his face and therefore made it almost impossible to understand what he's saying except to Stan, Kyle and Cartman. Many of his mumblings have been said to be very vulgar. Kenny used to die in nearly every episode until December 5, 2001, when he died for good from a terminal illness. He was cremated and placed in an urn. Recently, Cartman uncovered Kenny's ashes, and, mistaking it for chocolate milk mix, drank him. Kenny's soul inhabited Cartman's body for about 3 weeks, until Chef's mama exorcised him and accidentally sent Kenny's soul into a potroast. The potroast was then lost at the airport and picked up by Rob Schneider, setting the basis for his next incredibly stupid movie, in which he plays a man who thinks he's an 8-year old boy who gets killed.

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