Nekojin's WU for the entire weekend of 7/22/2001(Because I don't believe that I need to make 3 WU's when one will do):

Friday, 7/20/2001:
Andara and Amidala-Chan were about two hours later than expected arriving at my house for the trip to the San Diego Comic Convention, owing mostly to Amidala-Chan having to wait for a train.

Our reservations at the Motel 6 turned out to be mostly mythical. The site we reserved through overbooked the motel, resulting in us ALMOST being turned away.

Fortunately, one room was refused by the person it was assigned to (Probably due to the toilet's handle sticking), and so we squeaked in, preventing us from having to stay in a hotel that was 5 miles further from the conventions we were attending. By the time we actually got to our room, Andara and Amidala-Chan were not interested in doing anything more than sleeping. I still wanted to go to CritterConDiego 2, however, so I went off on my own.

I am now convinced that Downtown San Diego's streets were made by a psychotic. I ended up going North instead of West because of one-way streets, and missed the hotel that it was at. As a result, I ended up arriving at CritterCon about 20 minutes later than if I had managed to go straight there.

Friday's CritterCon was mostly uneventful, but I got Mitch Beiro to "deflower" one of my sketchbooks, which made the trip worthwhile.

Saturday, 7/21/2001:
I didn't sleep well, owing partially to excitement and partially to a mild sinus infection. Ouch.

All three of us got up early and had breakfast before heading to the convention. At the convention, I got sketches from Stan Sakai, Wendy Pini, and Dan DeCarlo (I was the last person to get an on-the-spot sketch from Dan; his manager insisted on slowing down the sketching and working on other matters after that), among others. =^_^=

Andara and I headed up to see Spider and Jeanne Robinson speak, and had a grand time, hearing them both read passages from their books, listening to Spider sing, and being part of the Q&A session. After that, we went to the autograph signing session for Spider (which, owing to scheduling restrictions, had to be in a different part of the convention center than the speaking engagement). While waiting in line, we ran into several E2 users. Sorry, guys, but I forgot who you were! We each were among the first people to get Spider's newest book, The Free Lunch, autographed by Spider. =^_^=

We wandered around the convention further, and found one of the booths that had vending machines for anime-related toys. Both Amidala-Chan and Andara each ended up getting Inu Yasha figures, and I got a few Lupin III figures.

We left the SDCC to go have dinner, then went to CritterCon. I sold several hentai dojinshi, which was a good thing, since I was running low on funds by that point. I was pleased that Amidala-Chan had a good time at CritterCon, since she's not into the whole Furry thing.

Sunday, 7/22/2001:
We all get up much later than we had on Saturday, but that's no big deal. We again hit Jack In The Box for breakfast, and head for the convention. We don't have anything planned for the day, so we just wander the Dealer Room floor.

I got sketches from Phil Foglio and Diana Sprinkle (She's one of the artists on Saiko and Lavender), among others.

After several hours, we all agree that we've had enough, and leave the convention, tired but very happy.