CritterConDiego is a small adjunct mini-convention to the San Diego Comic-Con, as a place for Furry fans to come and have fun after the SDCC. It began as a series of Furry parties, starting after all of the major events of the day had ended at the convention, and going on into the wee hours of the morning.

In 2000, the ConFurence Group decided to make it more formal, and CritterConDiego (Or just CritterCon, for short) was born. It's still not terribly formal; it opens around 7 PM on the Friday and Saturday nights that the San Diego Comic Con is running, and runs until around 1 AM.

CritterConDiego 1 ran at a loss of $5.30... not bad, when you consider that they were renting conference rooms at a major Downtown San Diego hotel, and providing food and drink for the attendees.

CritterCon Diego 2 was, by my eyes, a success. There was plenty of food for all of the attendees, and the "dealer" tables were pretty much all booked. It still had the air of a party, more than a convention. They showed several movies each night with a Furry theme, such as The Emperor's New Groove and Stuart Little.

If you're a Furry fan who attends the San Diego Comic-Con, I highly recommend you check out CritterCon when you're done for the evening. =^_^=

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