Confurence is an annual 4-day furry convention that takes place in Southern California. It's run for 12 years as of this writing, and is a heck of a lot of fun for furries... and highly confusing for other people.

Some of the attractions that can be found at Confurence include:

I recommend that you bring a good amount of money ($100 is a conservative figure... Some furries will spend over $1000 over the course of the weekend), as well as some other things: A costume will make you stick out in the crowd better, and will cause some artists to lower or eliminate prices (especially if you're a shapely female). A personal sketchbook will let you compile small pieces of personalized artwork from artists - some people have several sketchbooks with different themes.

An open mind is a must for attending this and other furry conventions. There are lots of different people with different tastes, ranging from relatively normal, plain art, to erotic art (Straight, gay, lesbian, and every flavor in between), to extreme erotic art, to even one artist who draws with a Christian (almost puritanical) theme. They all get along together rather well.

Confurence is the only convention I've ever gone to where a person could leave all of their belongings on a table for several hours, and come back to find all of their stuff exactly as they left them. Respect is the norm here, rather than the exception, which is one of the reasons I love it so As of 2003, Confurence is no more. The owner of The Confurence Group decided that getting on with his life was more important than running a convention that was costing him money and heartache. I can't really say I blame him, even though I miss Confurence.

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