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The first root log explains why the root logs exist. Note: things listed in this writeup are only changes that I, N-Wing have made; changes others (2 others now, yay!) have made I don't list here, since they are fully capable of creating their own writeups.

October 4, 2001

  • fixed E2 Scratch Pad to show correct status for the checked area - the checkbox code itself changes the user's VARS setting, which happened after it was determined which text to display; this made the display text show the previous value, instead of the current one
  • changed showmessages (htmlcode) to cause the '\n' in a private message to start the current message on a new line (I put this in for when I send multiple messages in one message.)

October 5, 2001

  • made Everything Document Directory default to showing only the most recent documents (a link is provided to view all of them)
  • new stupid chatterbox feature: putting a word in *star* or /slashes/ will make it appear as strong or emphasis - this only works on single words (code note: I changed showchatter (htmlcode), and for speed the regex only matches for "word" characters)

October 13, 2001

  • made Other Users (nodelet) links to special groups become generated by giving node and type, instead of node_id - before, getNode(title_of_node, type_of_node) was called and the URL linked to the node_id of that node, which required a DB hit for every page that shows that nodelet; now, the URL simply specifies that information, so the DB lookup only occurs when the link is followed
  • also in Other Users (nodelet), improved the way a "special message" is displayed when I'm working on something - made it like the room topic setting, where everybody's special info is pulled from a setting node (in this case, User Info) TODO: have some way to be able to change this as a command

October 18, 2001

  • when viewing a dbtable (for all 5 of us that would), the number of records in that table is also displayed; added it to dbtable display page

Sorry, I was a slacker this month.

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