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September 1, 2001

E2 Options: Chatterbox Topic, made some changes to Magical Writeup Reparenter, per Gritchka's request.

September 2, 2001

Created firmlink (the opcode), and edited linktrim, to be able to remove any type of link. Added firmlinks and addfirmlink the htmlcodes. It's all described in E2 Editing: Firmlinks. (the original document has been deleted and moved to a restricted one).

September 3, 2001

Editor log: September 3, 2001. It's gonna explain some of what is going on in a reasonable place. Cleaned up a lot of problems with firmlinks. Released to the CE's. Created the Altar of Sacrifice to clean up nodes in masse. Works gorgeously. We can now kill faster than any person can asamoth. Mass deletions by hand are a thing of the past. Fixed numerous theme troubles with firmlinks.

September 4-6

Nothing of interest. Some wording changes, messed with some links

September 9, 2001

Added the ability for gods to clean out the bots inboxes, to be able to manage and monitor them better.

September 11, 2001

Created a new nodelet: Read This. It's a time-update nodelet, so it's mostly free for page loads. Currently it's only open to CEs and Gods for testing and comments. Tedd Terry is working on a preliminary icon. It lists the latest C! nodes, latest news items, and latest editor cools. It helps balance the non-seen aspect of a lot ed-cools and news items. Gods and CE's can add this to their nodelets by going to add Jay's nodelet. You can remove it in your user settings

September 12, 2001

Created Blind Voting Booth. It's a new suggested level power for level 7 or 8. CE's and Gods currently have access to it for testing purposes.

September 14, 2001

Made Magical Writeup Reparenter throw a really simple Klaproth message when a writeup is moved.

September 15, 2001

Created Everything's Best Killers. It still needs work for formatting and such

Created the SyncTitles opcode. This allows a god to sync up all the titles of writeups after renaming an E2node, so that you don't have to go through and resubmit all of the nodes afterwards. It does nothing but tidy up non-conforming nodes. Simply rename a node in the normal fashion, view it, and click the Sync Titles link in your epicenter. This will align the stars and the heavens just right. The first couple of times you try it please confirm that it works for you. Thanks

September 17, 2001

Changed the patch mechanism so that (patch) is added to the end of all of the patches so that they won't mess up normal supdoc operation. We needed that. Also created types for SQLjob (gods only) so that we can do long term jobs during the galaxy. Thanks

Moved the setting for Online-Only messages to User Settings from User settings 2, since everyone and their aunt is on a usergroup now.

Okay, my name is JayBonci and I am the second worst. I jacked up the word galaxy to last five minutes longer. This is to accomodate various database scrubbing jobs in SQL Center. I created a new nodetype called sqljob and a pile of new dbtables to handle these records. It will be expanded to handle queries outside of (node) soon, but for now, that's what it's taking care of. It will get these items so that we can set things up to take a look at them (plus the standard SQLjob displays). Jobs can be run and un-run by editing them. The results are what the majority of you are interested in. I'd suggest talking to me before toggling certain nightly jobs on or off.

In the future we'll have a considerable amount of these jobs to run, and they should just keep a watchful eye every night on the integrity of our site. Now that I know how to do this, we can also run scripts to do other back cleanup as the need dictates. Database Scout will be phased out, and these lag-free solutions will be used more. The interface will be worked on before then however. Tonight are some tests and the like.

September 18, 2001

Fixed the bug where if you firmlinked nothing to a node youd somehow end up with Create a New User. While funny, it was a bug, and is now gone.

September 19, 2001 - Inital perl bot results

Out of the 9 available scripts:

  • Bolded Webster definitions - (5009) - This number was considerably higher than I thought it ever would be. Since this query is also very expensive, I am going to shut it off, and run it only once in a while. Today I will be compiling a list for CEs to use in editing and fixing these writeups
  • Linkless writeups - (4143) - This number is also extremely dismaying as it shows that almost 1 % of all the writeups in play don't have any links. This list will have to be slowly tackled.
  • Votable webster defs - (809) - This is about what we thought it would be at. Not an untackable number, but it would still take a few eds a couple of days to handle this all.
  • Writeups with broken parents - (fail) This script failed as we have some whack damage in some of our records. It worked on the test runs however, do I don't really know what is wrong. This will have to be tackled somehow. It'll be tough to write generic scripts for this. It is off until I can track down the errors
  • Writeups by deleted users - (was: 11, now: 0). This script yielded a small number of results, each of which needed to be deleted. I took care of all of those, and thus we can certify that our database is free from writeups by users who are no more.
  • Writeups under 20 characters - (was: 471, now: 200). This is about where I thought it would be. Our largest stumbling blocks are the Phobias (by Rock Lobster and tregoweth). They are usually three word writeups that need to be replaced. I'll ship them off to my pet project to have that take care of eventually. I took about 200 and their surrounding writeups out, putting in firmlinks where need be
  • Writeups with non-standard types - (fail) So I was an idiot, and even after a debugging run last night, still left the limiter on this query, so it only returned one result. It will run again tonight, and we'll have better numbers on it.
  • Nodes without softlinks -(71866) This is the worst number we have so far. I don't have a way of confirming it, but I have a sinking suspicion that it is correct, as it worked in the test runs 100%. Keep in mind, this is about 18% of the entire E2node base. These are 71866 nodes that simply do not have any firmlinks to anything. It's a tough, tough job that we have ahead of us on this one. Most of these writeups may need to go, seeing as no editor has probably been there before. This may also include some of other categories (such as no links, etc).
  • Writeups under -6 - (977) - While this is about what we thought it was, this is a pile to monitor, rather than mass destroy. We need to use some caution with these writeups, as some of these low, low, repped gems actually have some value

All in all, the robot stats are useful, but rather depressing. I'll be shutting off some of the expensive queries tonight while I clear out some of the ones I want to be more regular. I'd be happy to answer any questions about it.

September 20, 2001

More and better robot news! The bots now detect writeups with broken parents.. There were 118 of them, and now they are all fixed. They all got linked to The Node Bin, and wiped clean. This script will be run every few days to detect database damage. The invalid type robot had issues, but now works fine (after some manual db grooming. It found 8 such writeups, and those are all fixed (as appropriate. Some were just whacked dupes.

New robot today that will detect nodeshells useful for mass audit. This will tally in the thousands if not higher, but the information is still useful.

September 23, 2001

Been editing a lot lately, so all I did today was add Everything's Best Killers, and Voting Pit Stop to the editors bar. I hope they use them well.

September 24, 2001

Added SQLJobs for writeups without HTML formatting, and for Softlinkless writeups (that weeds out Webby stuff). Because of this, some new numbers are in:

  • No HTML Formatting: (101538). Yikes. This number is about 25% of the active content here. That's kind of a bad thing. We don't want that sort amount of writeups without even so much as a >br< tag. Does this require fixing... You tell me.
  • Nodes without softlinks (better): (71328) I don't know if this number is right, because that would mean that only 500 of those nodeshells were created by Webster. So we'll have to look at this more carefully

We'll need to add a little more in the way of display for e2nodes, so that will go in place today.

September 24, 2001

Fixed a bug in Message Inbox where usernames like destrius' where breaking our JScript.

September 25, 2001

Changed showchatter to remove messages like "EDB sneaks up behind you", for a while.

September 30, 2001

Final results:
  • real    4m9.318s
  • user    0m36.170s
  • sys     0m6.610s
  • real    125m16.031s
  • user    48m16.460s
  • sys     26m5.700s
Of the 97K or so webby defs, only ~500 have errors remaining, many of which are not even display errors. We fixed:
  • Type problems
  • Bold problems
  • Hand; problems
  • Title issues
The final offenders are in Definitions that Need Work

The mnfp scrips pulled in a ton of data that will take a about a week for me and the stats team to pull together. Thanks everyone.

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The first root log explains why the root logs exist. Note: things listed in this writeup are only changes that I, N-Wing have made (JayBonci's changes are in a separate writeup, and other peoples' changes I generally don't list here).

September 1, 2001

  • created this root log on: Sat Sep 1 2001 at 10:28:31 UTC
  • made showmessages (htmlcode) able to filter based on a private message that is (archived or not archived), and (normal, or for a group)

September 2, 2001

  • when a /msg goes to a usergroup, message (opcode) now stores the group's ID (the previous ugly way to prepend the group's name to the message)
  • for group messages, showmessages (htmlcode) adds a link to that group
  • made Message Inbox also show group information, and also filter on usergroup using the new storage method

September 5, 2001

September 6, 2001

  • stole message archive idea (and some code, heh) from Perl Monks; changed message (opcode) to handle archive/unarchive; changed Message Inbox to allow user to set/unset archive status (since showmessages was already changed to not show archived messages by default, it didn't have to be touched for this)
  • made private message XML ticker say which usergroup (and that group's ID) a message is for

September 7, 2001

  • made Node Heaven not show some things by default, like nuke requests (a link is available to see them anyway); TODO add archive flag, like messages have

September 14, 2001

  • Added nodetypes of debate and debate comment to those hidden to non-editors when viewing List Node of Type.
  • Added 'garbage' parameter (like the the randomnode link in the Epicenter nodelet has) to 'pass writeup' link in Blind Voting Booth, to foil browser caching.

September 17, 2001

  • Improved/fixed the 'hide boring' option in Node Heaven.

September 19, 2001

  • changed CoolUncoolIt (htmlcode) to make it a little more obvious when you have C!ed something

September 20, 2001

September 21, 2001

  • made ebug display page (htmlpage) to display nodes of type ebug (so far, the only ebug is bugs abound, which is what I'm using for testing) (note: ebugs still need an 'edit' page, and a page that lists all ebugs)
  • added optional parameter to weblog (htmlcode) that allows caller to specify who may see who linked a node; options are: everybody can see, editors can see, admins can see, or nobody can see
  • added permission parameter to Node Row so only editors can see who deleted a writeup
  • created writeupcools (htmlcode), which lists everybody that C!ed a writeup
  • made writeup display page show the C! list, and made CoolUncoolIt not say if you C!ed a WU

September 22, 2001

September 24, 2001

September 25, 2001

September 28, 2001

  • made the "warning" messages in displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode) a bit more consistant, and changed C! info mismatch from being a "fatal" error into just a "warning" ('warning' and 'error' in double quotes because they aren't really system warnings/errors, just information about minor weirdness)
  • made Browse Bugs show known bugs; still have to limit to n per page, and allow sorting and filtering

September 29, 2001

  • TODO: optional bigger text entry boxes for edits

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Late August 2001:

oppressor_superdoc nodetype and the sort of experimental proposed node_forward nodetype. node_forward did something like what firmlinks do, except it was more brutish and mysterious: You didn't get the option of going to another node; rather, it just put you there, silently. We decided to use Jay's firmlinks instead.

Late August/Early September 2001:

Created the debate and debatecomment nodetypes, along with sundry htmlpages, an htmlcode, Everything Discussion Directory, etc.

It's a threaded discussion deal. A debate node is the root of the discussion, and debatecomment nodes are comments. At present, debate is readable by gods and content editors, and createable by gods. debatecomment is createable by either. That's the nodetype permissions: There is also a flag to limit read access to gods only. My next move will be to repurpose the flag field as a usergroup id, so, for example, edevsters will be able to have discussion nodes that only they can see, etc.

I've thought of whipping up a document type with a usergroup ID field, which would work the same way. Then again, is that really needed? It seems to me that most restricted_superdocs and edevdocs can and should be replaced by variously-restricted debate nodes. I'm tempted to add a "no more comments" field to debate and leave it at that.

I have some concern about the whole debate node deal. It's not what E2 is really about. We've striven like hell to discourage "response writeups". As far as these are used as support for our real "mission" here, they're a Good Thing: edev could really use 'em, for example. It's not so good to mix the metadata in with the data, so to speak, so it'd be nice to keep edev discussions out of e2nodes. e2nodes are just plain lousy for discussions anyway: That's not what they were designed for. These can also help cut down on the torrent of /msg traffic among the e2gods, content editors, and edev usergroups. Nevertheless, we need to keep an eye out for abuse, especially if we start allowing more users (edev, etc.) to create them.

We still need some usability tweaks with this. The "compact" displaytype should be the default, I believe.

September 26, 2001, September 27, 2001:
  • Much fiddling with ekw theme. Fixed the linkiness in the logo, added more options to ekw Preferences and to the theme itself, improved the CSS deal (the stylesheet's MIME type is now text/css, as it should be, rather than text/html as it was for a while), finally got it to use ekw nodelet container. The stylesheet URL is now being pulled from $$THEME{ 'CSSURL' }. This has... IMPLICATIONS! Dig it. One thought is to allow users to do a full stylesheet in a $$VARS thing, and write a rawdata page that'll serve that. Or you-name-it, really. Let 'em do file:// URLs. Indeed.

    Just about all of the nagging problems are cleaned up now, is the main thing.

  • Added class="oddrow" to <td> tags in odd-numbered rows of the tables in displayUserInfo and newwriteups htmlcode. This allows CSS to override the default colors there, without disturbing the code very much, without doing anything theme-specific -- and without breaking anything for users who don't have CSS support: The old color attributes are still in place. ekw theme is the only theme that takes advantage of this at the moment, but gosh darn it, most of them should, eh? I intend to add the class attribute to odd-numbered rows in Everything User Search, ENN, etc. The hardcoded "one size fits all" odd-row colors in these things have always been a cancer eating away at the heart of our little community here. It'll be good to sweep 'em under the rug. Of course, we could simply add an oddRowColor setting to all the themes (why didn't anybody do that before?!), but this gimmick works with ekw's personal-color-choices deal, too (or that of some other theme, if somebody else picks up that idea). Spiffy.

  • E2 Word Counter. By the way, superdocnolinks is a nice way to do JavaScript stuff without jumping through any hoops to make regular expressions work.

September 28, 2001:
  • Spam Cannon: A superdoc that lets the user send a single /msg to multiple recipients in a single page load. This is gods-only at the moment, but the intent is to open it to content editors and make it a level power for all users, probably level five or six. It needs a little polishing before it's ready for end users: usernames can appear more than once in the recipient list, for example.

  • Bouncy bouncy.

September 29, 2001:
  • More CSS hijinks: displayvars and editvars are htmlcode things which display tables. The cells in those tables have hardcoded pale lavender backgrounds (very nice, if you've got some Dramamine handy). Some themes have pale text, which is unreadable on those backgrounds. Therefore, I added some CSS to both of 'em, so the text in the cells is now #101010 unless the user doesn't have CSS, in which case s/he's no worse off than s/he was a week ago.

  • Changed groupeditor so that for each item in the listbox, it appends the author_user's name. That way, you can actually see what the hell's going on.

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