Ha! The week has been pretty blah blah blah. My parents came back from Moscow (my bro bought me a shirt that says McLenin's with a big McDonalds "M" on the front, and "Party is over" slogan on the back. Cool!), and after a lot mental anguish I got my rio volt (which I'm happy to say, is a fairly excellent product but that should be a node unto itself).)

Monday and tuesday were fairly sleepy - I attended a course - "Introduction to OOP with Python" paid for by the company. Ironically it was held at the downtown location of the SFU campus. I tried to login onto the SFU WAN, and voila! I'm still registered. Don't know what the hell is up with that. Eh.. The course was sometimes interesting but somewhat dry. Excellent intro though. I think I'll try to code something in Python when I get the time.

The rest of the week was fairly unimaginative, except wednesday. I went to the south arm gym. There was this black chick there...Suffice to say that If I ever get bicepts that big and shoulders that muscled I will be very happy. Of course she looked like one of these ladies in body-building competitions. Her skin looked almost translucent too. Steroids perhaps?

Today was sort of cool. I had to sign a contract - I'm now a full time employee, instead of a contractor. Damn them! I don't get paid any overtime, and therefore I leave at 5pm sharp. Fuck them!. Me and my partner were playing in our little company wide foosball tourney against the best team. We were loosing 5-7 (but slowly gaining ground!) when the head of QA came in and requested our presence else where. We came back to the game, but ended up losing the momentum that we had. That wasn't pleasant at all. In the end I lost a singles game, where I should've won.
I got of work at 5.25pm. Damn everyone! And got to Richmond. Woke up BJ and we went to RPM to grab some $3.50 teriyaki chicken crap. After that we headed to UBC in hopes of catching some anime and hanging out with couple of girls. When we did get there we couldn't get hold of the ladies on their cells. When we did they bailed. I wasn't terribly surprised, nor upset. Neither was B it seems. We went down to the Sub arcade and played couple of rounds of DDR. I have to admit that i lost it. We headed back to Richmond, and since Mike was at the Canucks game with Dave, we decided to wait for him to come back. I went home and so did B. I ended up reading another 100 pages of Fires of Heaven. It's sort of sad, but Wheel of Time is running out for me. If it doesn't get good soon I'll be bored =\.
Around 11pm Mike got back, and called me. After a little argument I decided to join them. We ended up going to a little arcade, playing more ddr (woot!! i passed kick the can on maniac oh my god! fuck im lame) and a couple of games of VS Capcom VS Marvel. The player 2 joystick was broken, but i still managed to win a few times.
Then we proceded to grab a snack at Burger King. Since it was already past midnight we had to grab take out. We ate it right in front of the RCMP car parked at the BK. Mike threw the garbage out through the side window so the cop wouldn't see it. On whim, we headed downtown to look for hookers. We wheeled around the west side, not finding any. Then a bright idea hit us to head east. Soon after we saw a few women that would definitely match the general description of a hooker. Ugly, scantily clad, out at 1:30am in the morning. I think we saw a pimp too. At one point in time we wanted to scream something mean at them but decided to save some dignity. Heh. On one of the blocks there was a woman with a dress that was cut very high (that is i could see her leg up to her crotch pretty much), but when i slowed down to determine whether she was cute, it turned out to be a man! Dammit. I was surprised and couldn't believe my eyes. So I made a circle around the block and sure enough that was a man! Drag queen my friends called him. After the soul-scarring episode with the man-woman we decided we needed to chicken wings. The pub we headed too was however closed. After about 2 minutes of being on the Arthur Laing bridge we were suddenly hit with a massive i-need-to-pee attack. It was a race against, time and luckily we succedded. We got to 7-11 in Richmond, but the bastard Brock beat me to it. Blargh!. We then headed to 18+ adult store. As a joke we half seriously considered getting kev a butt plug. Exploring the video section was entertaining to say the least. On one box, a hideous woman was displayed - naked(!) with the following slogan - Faces that only a mother would love. That shall be remembered and used in appropriate circumstances. We didn't buy the buttplug. Mike had to go home(he has work later today) so i gave him a ride to New Westminster. We came back, but B wanted to rent the porn from 18+ so I gave him a ride there an home. It's now 4:15am and I should go to sleep.

I shall leave you with this:Women can't bitch with a cock in their mouth!....

PS: before i forget. beanies and the scatman are having a dinner thing tomorrow at cactus club. I wonder if i should go blah blah blah. We'll see how it turns out. heh.