It's really a shame when college interferes with a budding relationship. Living several hours apart from your significant other inevitably makes the heart grow fonder, and when one of the seldem visits with each other occurs, it can be hard to contain the flood of emotions for each other. But please, Please, PLEASE, consider your roommate if this should ever happen to you.

If you and your man/woman feel the need to snuggle, make-out, etc., it is rude to commence while your roommate it trying to sleep in the bunk below you. To avoid this, spend time alone with each other during the day. This gives the roommate time to themselves, and let's you and your mate have a lot of time together. This is especially important of your roommate is single and the constant sound of lips smacking only reminds them even more that they are alone.

This is not meant to accuse or hurt feelings. This is meant only to raise awareness to the feelings of others. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend visit can work out fine if roommates work together. Otherwise, the situation can turn nasty and make for a bad time for all involved.

DISCLAIMER:This node is based on actual events and from first-hand accounts. Names were left out to protect the innocent;)

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