Went to the flea market to sell some wares today and was overwhelmed by the abundance of heavily tattooed peoples. It seems as if nearly all of the folks in central New Jersey decided to come outside in their halter tops, muscule shirts and hairy backs to display thier body art. I was especially surprised by the amount of older people, mostly women with tats. When I abandoned my table to browse other people's offerings, I made the mistake of stopping at a table that had Chick tracts on them. Two fanatical leather clad christian bikers (Hell's Angels for Jesus?) started psycho blabbing to me, maybe because I was the only one dumb enough to stop at their table. I made it my duty to politley end the preaching and get along on my way, before they got their biker buddies to chain whip me or ass rape me for not immediatley converting to foaming at the mouth fanatacism.

I broke down and purchaced an ipaq pocket pc wince device. Guess what the was the first thing I did with it? That's right! I put some porn on it! Sung Hi Lee's head looks kinda funny all cropped down from 800x600 to 320x240. Now I must figgure out how to get E2 as an avantgo channel, or other web clipping service