I think this is the first time I spent the full period of my dream on E2:

I logged onto E2 to find three /msg’s from a certain noder. They were about the robert moses memorial everything long beach party and picnic of doom. The tone of the /msg’s was enthusiastic, the noder said that he had seen the node in his everything email update (when a component write up- the one by Infinite Burn- was C!ed). So, I think he was trying to say he would come. But I was tired and I couldn’t manage to actually understand the /msg’s I was reading. I just kept trying to, and it was frustrating.

So I sent to noder a /msg in response, giving him my address so he could mail me some pot. Even in the dream this was a non-sequitor. I was immediately pissed off at myself and I wanted to take the /msg back, not because it was about marijuana but because it was such a random request and was certainly an imposition. But I couldn’t take it back, so I sent a follow up /msg apologizing, blaming the first /msg on my heavy, stupefying fatigue.