For the first time in a while, I finally got some sleep. I got a decent 8 hours of sleep but I guess somebody likes to play games on me. I had three nightmares, all three disturbing beyond belief. I guess thats what I get for thinking about the past so much, even noding about it.

Firstly was a dream about flying. Actually, it was more about gliding through the air. I was over a cliff or something, and I think I was trying to commit suicide. After contemplating for a while, I just closed my eyes and jumped. I didn't open my eyes until I realize that I'm flying. Then at the time, I loved it, as I felt the wind in my face and the air underneath my body. Then large vultures started flying towards me. I was scared as hell and I flew from them. Then I started realizing that I was losing altitude and finally, I fell in the ocean. I can't swim properly so I struggled against the water. Finally, a hand grabbed my leg and dragged me deeper into the depths of the ocean. While I was falling, all I could hear was laughing and laughing and I could feel my lungs contracting. Then I woke up. For the first time.

Secondly, my dream started with me inside a coffin beneath the ground. Slowly, I pushed through the cover and the soil with the greatest of ease. I reach up, and pull myself out of the soil. Then slowly, I drag myself through the cemetary to a castle. I pass by some broken glass and see that I'm a skeleton. A moment of rage passed through me, then by sheer will, blew up a wing of the castle. With the rain in my skeletal face, I realize that I'm a lich! I'm a bloody lich! Then, I hear thumping in the door. Its an inquisition. Apparently, they just disposed of the previous "owner" and I was seen going up. To make a long story short, I defended myself until I was exhausted and I felt stabbed in the ribs. I felt a gooey liquid and slowly felt the consciousness I have gained from being undead slowly draining from me. Then I woke up, sweating, with my hands on my ribs. Lovely.

Finally, it was my wedding and I was standing there. In the middle of the ceremony, my soon to be wife starts crying underneath her veil which I cannot see through, then she starts dissipating into dust. I stand there, in front of the priest, and all he could do is wag his finger at me. I turn back to the guests, and they are crying while some take pictures. Slowly, my clothing melts into the ground, and slowly, it feels like my skin is melting. I'm feeling like a lich again. Then I wake up, scratching my body, with scratch marks everywhere. More loveliness. I feel so smart. Correction. I feel SMORT.

Proof that I have been reading too many murder/legal mysteries, like the kind you pick up in the Airport newstands, I've been flying a lot. I wrote a mystery vividly in my dream last night. It was completely lucid though, as little sense as it made. I was special prosecuting attorney Sarah, assigned to a random murder case I remember little about It was my first major case and I had never tried a murder before. All the witnesses were friends and relatives. The One I remember was an uncle who happens to won a sports store. He said the defendant was an avid football fan. There was a football at the scene. Therefore he must be guilty. That was my whole case. I know there was other evidence but i dont remember any of it an it was only circumstantial, (as if the football wasnt?
Meanwhile, I lived alone in my parents house and I was having people over for a party the night before the trial. I had know idea was was supposed to do so i forfeited preparing for the trial, perhaps a suggestion on my college studying habits. I dont remember the actual trial, or I woke up.

I've noticed that whenever I'm learning a new language, the point at which I feel that I've gained "conversational" proficiency coincides with the point that I start dreaming in that language.

Tonight, I found that this applies to morse code as well.

I was sitting on some kind of cablecar, when I heard some faint, hissing noises on the speaker system. I recognized it as morse code, but all I could make out, was some series of CQs, followed by "L".

At another point I was at the same morse course that I've been attending for the past few months. A fellow participant started sending "-.-.--" on the hand pump, a code which apparently doesn't exist in the morse alphabet.

Update: I have later found out that "-.-.--" is the morse code of "!", the exclamation mark.

I had several dreams last night, this was the most clear.

I was in a bus with 3 sisters, my younger brother and my boyfriend and all our overnight gear. I was sitting in the second last row with the youngest of the sisters who had black hair and was listening to her walkman. My brother was sitting shotgun with the eldest sister who was driving the bus. They were chatting friendly. My boyfriend was getting cosy with the middle sister who was blonde. She had a fairly loud voice. Her flirting was rediculous and my boyfriend was eating it up. This angered me. I decided to change seats and interject cinnical comments into the conversation. Blondie didn't let that slow her down. And my boyfriend's demeanor didn't change. I became more angry.

I leaned over to say something in his ear. I forget what that was exactly, but it was something to cue him to how his flirting was making me feel. As I pulled away he grabbed my arm, but I yanked harder and got free. The blonde exclaimed that I had slapped him! I certainly had not, but my boyfriend was going along with that story. The youngest sister removed her headset and was cheering me on.

My brother noticed the commotion and asked what was going on. I moved to the front and told him about the incident. He didn't seem very concerned.

The oldest sister who had been driving the bus decided to get us all drinks. She didn't stop the bus, she just got out of the seat to look for drinks and the bus continued. This concerned me. But again my younger brother was not phased.

I jumped into the driver seat. I was angry. I was looking for someone. I made a bunch of turns down deserted highways. Located another blonde sister in a yellow classic convertable. Don't ask me how I knew it was another sister. She pulled into a truckstop and I followed.

I was seething. I ran into the country truckstop only to find the brother of all these sisters. Again, it just seemed obvious that he was their brother although that was never explicitly indicated. I complained to him about his blonde sister flirting with my boyfriend. He agreed that they were a wild bunch and thats why he rarely traveled with them.

My boyfriend finally entered and looked a little annoyed. He said they had changed plans and we were going to take the yellow convertable. We meaning me, him and my younger brother. I was releived.

I was looking at a friends recent aquisition. A trained woodchuck. I came with a device that looked like a bear trap only where the jaws would have hinged there was a one foot long chain linking them.

He was telling me of all the interesting things the woodchuck could do with wood. How it could process logs, wood chips, branches and do assorted things with them. I was curious as to what it could do with the wood chips as they were already chipped and couldn't get much smaller.

The bear trap thing was the tool that the woodchuck came with. It could use it in a variety of ways to help in the processing of wood. The chains could be used as saws, and I assume the teeth were for gripping or maybe sawing too.

We started walking and the woodchuck ran beside us on the left near an oak tree until it ran off and we chased after it. I found myself standing next to the wall of a house and almost tripped over a large black thing poking out of the ground. It was about 2 feet high and I suddenly realized it was a large spidergoing up the wall. The bottom half of it's abdomen was below ground level and it started moving up and out of the earth. It was black and shiny and shaped very much like a stereotypical plastic spider toy.

My memory lapses here but there but I eventually found myself inside the building and the spider was now huuuuge. It was at least 15 feet high as it hung on the side of a large wooden thing similar to a water wheel. There were other people in the room, a cult of spider worshipers. I never looked at them though... I just stared at the spider. I was standing right next to it and there was somethign I was supposed to do to it, or for it. Maybe I was a sacrifice. I don't know, I just remember not liking the idea.

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