They sell these things called zen alarm clocks that I have found to be very helpful. They are in a triangle shape with a simple silver bell running along the bottom part of the clock.

How it works is it rings the bell repeatively at a gradually increasing rate so as to wake you up gently.

Not only has this helped me in remember my dreams, but it's also a much more pleasant to wake up to in contrast to the normal annoying beeping sound of a regular alarm.

I tried the very same technique zot-fot-pig described in the first paragraph. It took some two weeks to achieve a mastery in this skill. I used to write down small notes about my recent dream whenever I woke up. After a month, however, I had to stop it because I was very tired in the morning due to the interruptions of sleep.

But what was remarkably cool skill was to be able to control your dreams i.e. to know that you're seeing a dream at the moment. This happened in the end of month when I practised the skills. In the dream I was chased by the snake and then I somehow realized this was only a dream. I turned around to face the snake but I was too excited about the idea what I could do in the conscious dream that I woke up.
At the moment I'm trying to recapture my dreams again. Instead of repeating "remember your dreams" before falling asleep I keep saying "recognize your dreams" and "make them conscious, control them".

I became interested in this thing when I read a book that told about a tribe who every morning gathered to discuss about their dreams. First, I didn't believe in the technique but I tought there's no harm trying it and now once experienced the pleasure of dream control I really have to appreciate them a lot.

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