I think this is the first time I spent the full period of my dream on E2:

I logged onto E2 to find three /msg’s from a certain noder. They were about the robert moses memorial everything long beach party and picnic of doom. The tone of the /msg’s was enthusiastic, the noder said that he had seen the node in his everything email update (when a component write up- the one by Infinite Burn- was C!ed). So, I think he was trying to say he would come. But I was tired and I couldn’t manage to actually understand the /msg’s I was reading. I just kept trying to, and it was frustrating.

So I sent to noder a /msg in response, giving him my address so he could mail me some pot. Even in the dream this was a non-sequitor. I was immediately pissed off at myself and I wanted to take the /msg back, not because it was about marijuana but because it was such a random request and was certainly an imposition. But I couldn’t take it back, so I sent a follow up /msg apologizing, blaming the first /msg on my heavy, stupefying fatigue.
...in a world that is bound by a gray haze, not fog, but not solid, my dream based. Its a rather small world, this I can tell by the fact the ground is very warped, almost as if the world has a diameter of only a few feet, but I can see for perhaps a thousand feet in all directions. I am in the middle of a meadow.. A very warm, summer meadow full of vibrant flowers...

...I discover myself here sitting in the middle, no feeling except for this "warmth", which isn't an actual physical warmth, but almost an emotional warmth...

...I sit "indian style" (is there another name? :), motionless, arms at my side, leaning back slightly. The warmth encapsulates my body. I feel nothing, see nothing...

...This simple scene has been repeated many times, nothing happens, often I just leave, not getting up, not falling asleep, just dissapear. I have no idea how long I dream about being here, nor any idea what it means...

... myconid.apr.06.2001 ...

Fade in.

A run down house in a suburb of... I don't know but it defintely seems to be a suburb of someplace. I'm working in the yard. I am a cast member on a budget version The Real World, which has five other people and me squatting in an apparently condemned building. My old army buddy Stewart is there, which I think is strange, because I haven't seen him in years and he ends up living with me in a house in... I still haven't figured out where. I don't recognize the four other people. Though the house is in a scandalous state of disrepair, we are being made to mow the lawn for some reason. The guys on those other shows never have to do that. I know i shouldn't be operating the lawnmower without shoes, but I lost them weeks ago, and it isn't in the show's budget to replace them. So I mow barefoot. Some amount of time passes, and I think I remember where I put my shoes, so I go back into the house to look for them. My bare feet stick to the floor, which is filthy, like the floor of a bar at closing time on friday night. It smells like a bar too. I go up the stairs to find the shoes. I open the door to my room. There is a big bay window there, and sunlight is streaming in on a pile of filthy blankets, which is apparently where I sleep. I open the closet where my shoes are and look

Cut to the interior of a police station

I hate it when the dream director throws in these nonsensical jump cuts. I'm now standing at the desk in a police station. To my dismay, I am still barefoot. I wonder if I'm still in the same town as the last scene, then I see Stewart, so i guess that I am. I am being made to pay a fine for some reason. The woman at the desk has not told me why. Stewart doesn't know either. The woman shows me some sort of citation, with the amount of the fine printed on it. It is $549. I'm quite upset by this, as it means I will probably never be able to afford new shoes. She still won't explain what I did that is going to cost me $549, but I learn from her that it is five hundred forty nine Australian dollars. I'm kind of relieved at this, because Australian dollars are cheaper than American ones, but then I'm a little disturbed to learn that I'm in Australia, as I don't remember getting there, and I've never been there before. Sloop John B (the Beach Boys version from Pet Sounds, not the one by The Kingston Trio) is playing in the background, so I start to sing along. Stewart tells me to shut up, because I shouldn't be singing in here, but then he starts. It's wierd because he is singing the harmonies perfectly by himself. I decide to ask the woman one more time why I must pay the fine. She hands me a small model of some sort of shrine. Inside, there is a statue of a bumpy mushroom. She explains that the amount of the fine is determined by the number of bumps on the mushroom. I am satisfied with this answer. Now everyone in the station joins in the singing. "Call for the captain ashore, let me go home, let me go home, I wanna go home..."

Fade to black.

Okay, so my Mom's house is up in the mountains, amid the redwood forest parks and such. In fact one such park is pretty much all that surrounds us. Hills covered with redwoods; it's pretty nice.

Anyway, there I am with some guys on the hill, building a fortress for the coming (mock?) battle against some unspecified enemy (could be my sister and her soc friends) [could be the loggers]. I headed back to the house to get some supplies. Ran into my Mom on the way; she was heading for the hill, though not necessarily my team's area of the hill. We both went back into the house, went into the kitchen and I started looking for a jar or two. I used the jar(s) to get some water from the aquarium that was mysteriously sitting in front of the washing and drying machines. When the dust settled in the jar, I could see all sorts of little things swimming around (or were they all dead?).

So I left the kitchen, ready to return to the battlefield with my newfound pond water. But along the way, I went upstairs for some unspecified reason. As I headed into the guest bedroom, my grandmother jumped out from behind the doorframe. She was naked. I dealt with the situation by grabbing the photo album in the corner and promptly waking up.

Being awake was a strange experience: I realized I forgot to get food or medicine before going to sleep. I wonder if there's an all-night drug store around here, which makes me start thinking about Superhero by Ani Difranco. Heigh-ho.

Anandi and I were in this beautiful state park in Utah and i had gotten us tickets to a dar williams concert in Denver.... which was west of Utah... but that doesn't matter...

Anyway it was like a 2 hour drive between the park and the concert and she wanted to stay and look at the waterfall so I ended up driving to the concert myself. She called me like 15 minutes before it wanting to go but by then it was [too late and I was in the hotel room and was really upset that I couldn't come get her, and she was telling me that it was getting really cold on the cliff that she was sitting on and that she wanted to go back to the hotel.

I went to the concert for a while but I got kicked out for recording it with a pen... security thought my fountain pen was a video camera and once I showed them it was a pen the concert was already over.

I went to go pick her up but I couldn't find the cliff in the dark so I tried looking for her with GPS but she'd gone somewhere else so I waited on the cliff she'd been on until morning. She came back with this guy she'd met at a Friendly's and told me she was going to give me a box of Cocoa Pebbles, but she didn't and instead pushed me off the cliff and then i woke up.

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