nine9 has write-up under the daylog for June 13, 2001 where he complains of folks systematicly downvoting daylogs. However he made a grave mistake of name-calling in the write-up, he calls the practice immature, and refers to those that engage in it as "children". As one who downvotes daylogs (and I have never been secretive about this pratice) allow me to explain the rationale behind this activity.

First let me start by saying that Everything2 is unique, in that it allows the users to shape and control its content. This is guided by the editors and gods to make sure things don't get out of hand. The average user's most powerful tool is that allotment of votes given each day, they use these votes to make their statement of what they feel belongs in the database and what they think should go. There seem to be several schools of thoughts when it comes to daylogs:

1. I like daylogs, I'll upvote them all.
2. I don't like daylogs, I'll downvote them all
3. I judge each write-up in daylogs on their individual merit and up or down vote accordingly
4. I don't vote on daylogs.
5. "I have too many votes. Ah a daylog!" (proceed to up or down-vote)

Over the year+ since e2 went online there have been many philosophies on noding. Two very popular philosophies which most daylog entries are in opposition to are node for the ages and avoid highly subjective write-ups. Daylogs could also be lumped in with GTKYN. They are some of the largest nodes in the database, just a few months ago they were sizable enough to crash browsers (woe to anyone who happens to random node into a daylog). Since there have been more people who routinely downvote daylogs they have recently reduced in size. The system works! We can't stop noders from creating daylogs but we can express our distaste for them through the medium given to us, our votes.

Now I will state here that blanket downvoting of daylogs is not what should be happening. Contrary to the belief of some I have *gasp* upvoted some write-ups in daylogs. These write-ups are usually summaries of important events that occured on that day, or information that is pertinant to a majority of noders. nine9 , you complain at people downvoting daylogs and speak of cathartic, genuine writing then give us an example of quite the opposite. Of what value to the noding community is it that you had problems with your air conditioning on June 13th, 2001? I do not feel that e2 was meant to house people's diaries, that what personal web sites are for.

Time may prove me wrong, but I will continue to do my part as a noder to cull useless information from the database, as a long-time noder I can do no less. It may be that it is pointless as nine9 states, but it's the use of the the tools given me. The writing of all noders is only valuable to the database when it contributes something with value. If something really important happened to you, I think you'd see that it needs a node of it's own, not to be hidden within the vast streamers of chaff that clouds daylogs. If your subject matter doesn't deserve it's own node perhaps it should be left out of the database.

I make no apologies. I have received my share of downvotes, mostly for noding the kind of pap usually put into daylogs under nodes of their own.

God Damn! I hate noding about noding!

let me say, in the wake of the vast debate that has since raged in the hour since I wrote his node, that since it's the opinion that daylogs are so "essential" and the place where pap is "supposed to go" then they should continue to exist, however, they should not be "votable" nor should they count toward a noder's total write-ups. If they're a place to "cut one's teeth" into the world of noding, or to "vent". Let it be just that, seperate them, make them the nodes with training wheels. If that's not what you want, then accept the down or up votes that you get.