It seems to me that the people with the least to say say it the loudest. Conversely, it seems that the voice of truth has little need for volume in reaching inquisitive minds of the world. Obviously, I view humility as one of the most important values of a good person, and I believe pride is the root of evil.

The only way to bring the truth to a large audience is through volume.

However, the only way to amplify truth is to add a few lies.

Of course, if you carry a big stick, people will just naturally assume you have something to say. Go fig.

Or, on the other hand, perhaps you're talking to someone who has nothing important to say, and just keeps blabbering on and on, not allowing you to state your point of view, and interrupting you whenever you do get a chance to say anything. Frustrated with their stupidity and inconsideration, you keep raising your voice louder and louder to be heard over them, but they just won't shut up, because they're used to having yelling matches such as the one you are currently involved in.

A more generally applicable axiom might be: "If you have to scream to be heard, then the conversation you're engaged is not going to go anywhere and will not convince anyone of anything, so you should walk away".


Yeah, I know, cheesy joke. But this statement does remind me of something my high school band director told me.

Mr Zavadil was the greatest teacher. He held the respect of every single one of his students and he almost never had to raise his voice. Well one day I stayed after class and was talking to him and he let me in a little secret of his. He told me that when ever he found a student who was getting out of control he would pull the student aside and talk very quietly with him. When he did this every other student in the room would be staring at the two of them, dying to know what was going on and of course supposing the worst. But the thing I remember the most about Mr.Z is that because he hardly ever yelled at anyone when he did, we were shocked and we knew we had really ticked him off.
An empty can rattles loudest.

"Louder" voice means voice carrying to more people who are not actively seeking to hear you, if what you're saying is insignificant you won't have many people who will want to listen to you, so you'll just have to force them. Like spam.

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