The best time to invent a new drink is when you are already inebriated. With alcohol already flowing thru your brain, it makes it much easier to design with new drinks. Circumstances occur that simply require a new drink to be invented. Like they say "Necessity is the mother of invention". Here are a few concoctions me and my friends have come up with.

  • Potion: Bacardi and SoBe- Any flavor of SoBe will work. They all taste great. I came up with this one while drinking straight shooters of Bacardi with my friends. The straight shots were getting too harsh and I happened to have a SoBe Elixir (hence the name Potion). They mixed beautifully and I've been drinking Potions ever since.

  • Giogoshi: White Wine and Punch Flavored Jack Daniel's Countrytime Cocktails- As gross as this may sound, it tastes great. My friends and I were drinking white wine which has a tendancy to make you a little silly. I suggested mixing the JD Cocktails we had with the wine. My friends told me it was a stupid idea, but I talked them into it. Much to our surprise, it was delicious. The fruity flavor and the slight carbonation added a nice little something to the wine. When discusing what we should call our new discovery, my friend said "Giogoshi" in a drunken stupor. The name stuck.

  • Monster Juice: Any fruit (juices) you find in the fridge mixed with whatever kind of liquor you have mixed with ice in a blender- (I don't think I was the first person to do this). Truely desperate times call for desperate measures. The first time this happened when 5 people were fighting over 2 beers. The only other alcohol we had was some Jose Cuervo, which no one could drink straight. So we just put some in the blender, along with Odwalla "Vitamin C Monster" (hence Monster Juice), orange juice, pineapple juice, and some ice and blended it up. God it was aweful. But we were desperate. The second time we mixed Bacardi, slices of papaya, and some Kern's mango juice. It didn't taste much better than the original monster juice. Only make this if you are really desperate for a mixer.

  • Tabasco Surprise: Vodka and Tabasco Sauce- I asked my friend to go in the kitchen and make me another Bloody Mary (we had already had six or so at that point). She brought back a very strong, very spicy, very harsh drink. I found out a couple days later what the surprise was: apparently we had run out of bloody mary mix and my drink was made purely of vodka and tabasco sauce. No wonder I got so sick!

  • Twisted Devil: Bacardi, Champaigne, White Zinfindel, Sun Devil- My friend made this one up a few nights ago when she was smashed. She only drinks cheap wine and Baccardi so she decided to mix it all together. The drink is simply Baccardi, Champaigne, White Zin and Sun Devil fruit cooler mixed with ice in a blender. Absolutely delicious.

Please be sure to post you're unique mixers here. Share your secret drink so we can all enjoy it.