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Some guy from Half Moon Bay, CA, who is known for getting a little bit psycho sometimes. I've been using Everything since late 1998, back on Everything 1. A fairly inconspicous E2 user. In case you care, here is a basic synopsis of myself.

Woo-Hoo! I no longer live in Half Moon Bay! Tragicly I no longer live in prestigious Palo Alto either. Hell, I don't even live in Redwood City anymore. I'm now living in the Oaktown (AKA Oakland, CA).

Anyways... I'm currently 20 years old, and have lived in the Bay Area 3/5ths of my life. I've also lived in Phoenix and London. I'm somewhat (read "very") cynical, fairly jaded, pretty uncaring. I can't spell (thank god for spell checkers). I no longer work at Sam Gallos Blogistics (which is an acronym of the company's name). I now am a member of the first class IS team at Cost Plus World Market. I'm certainly a computer geek, but I can't program. I'm a hardcore music enthusiast. Tool and Nine Inch Nails, and Guns 'n Roses are my favorite groups, but I love all types of music. Classical, punk rock, metal, alternative, classic rock, rap, electronica, whatever. I'm not a big fan of prepackaged pop music though. I like it when the artist displays some kind of actual talent. Recently I have developed a taste for Ska. I am an internet junkie. Been on the net since 1995 and it has changed my life. For the past 6 years I've been able to waste time far more efficiently. I'm an avid movie goer. Some of my favorite movies include Leaving Las Vegas, Twelve Monkeys, and Full Metal Jacket. Black and White has recently become one of my favorites. I recommend you check it out if you haven't seen it. And go see Traffic, goddammit! I enjoy mostly dramas, suspense, and film noir, but enjoy a good comedy or sci fi every now and then. I'm not into action movies though as most of them suck (The Art of War is by far the worst movie I have ever had this displeasure of seeing). I do like Arnold movies however. And even though I previously claimed a hate for TV, I have, quite sadly, grown to like it. I'm a self-proclaimed humor critic. I appreciate mostly dark, cynical, and subtle humor. I don't find blatent jokes or obvious gags very funny. Then again a lot of people don't think my cynicism is very funny. I try to be funny, but for the most part I am not. I'm not a comedian, just a critic. Sometimes I will try and make some Seinfeld-esque joke so if you run across one here on Everything please just ignore it.

Policially I am a centrist, but I probably lean a little more towards the right. I'm not a bleeding heart, not a treehugger, I hate political correctness, and if I have to hear one more upper middle-class teenage punk who smokes weed all day and thinks he's a communist whine about the inequality in America and the evils of capitalism and how we are all slaves to "the man" etc. I'm gonna fucking smack them. At the same time I am not religious, I am not a racist, I believe in racial equality, I care about human rights, and I support organizations like the ACLU. I try and look at every issue from both sides, then make a decision.

That pretty much sums it up. Any questions?