It seems that the Snapple people have a bad habit of retiring the best flavours and keeping around the not-so-hot ones. Witness:

Oh, wow. The things you can find on the Internet. I found a Snapple product list, circa 1995. I've marked with double asterisks things that are no longer obviously available in the New York City area, and have limited the list to only the 16 oz. glass bottled products, since that's where all the variety was. (If anyone has any addendums, feel free to /msg me or add a writeup.)

(source and complete list of products from 1995 or so:
Since then, they've added Orange Carrot, Cranberry Twist Tea, Cactus Tea, Summer Peach, Raspberry Peach, Diet White Grape, Cranberry Raspberry, the Sun Teas, and the Elemental drinks. I think there might be a green tea and/or a ginseng tea, too, but I might be wrong.