Tejava is a microbrewed ice tea, available in 1 liter bottles from certain grocery stores. The website only lists California locations, but I found it at a Trader Joe's in Oregon.

The website (www.tejava.com) describes the rather ornate process of making this tea, which comes only from select leaves from select plants on two isolated tea plantations on the island of Java, which are then shipped to a special microbrewing facility in California, where they turn the tea into the bottled product. While I don't know if all of this work makes the tea extremely quality, it is not the sugary half tea that Lipton and Snapple sell. Even people who don't appreciate the fine points of tea will probably recognize the fact that this tea is stronger then watered down, tea based drink. I, in fact, had a rather adverse reaction after treating a bottle of tejava like it was snapple, ending up sitting in a chair for 12 hours vibrating. Be aware.

I also find this product very enjoyable when mixed with white wine and\or apple juice, when its nerve rending power is somewhat diluted.

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