New Jersey once had a mascot. A mascot nobody seems to remember, and a mascot that, for some bizarre reason, is a massive government cover up.

Perfy is (or was) a cartoonish creature with a blue body and rose red cheeks. He was also circular in shape much like an M&M. Written across the mascot's chest was the famous slogan, "New Jersey and You: Perfect Together." Most remember the slogan, but none remember Perfy, even though most of us should be old enough to recall him.

The staff of my school newspaper, the "Stinger", was first introduced to New Jersey's former mascot in the underground magazine "Weird NJ." Intrigued, the staff then tried to find out more about this mysterious character. Why did he disappear? Why doesn't anyone remember him? They surfed web sites in vain; even the internet was unable to provide needed information. Then the newspaper called the President of New Jersey state archives, who then put out a search for Perfy. He did, in fact, exist. The character and aforementioned "...Perfect Together" slogan were both created by Tom Keane, NJ governor, 1981-1989. Perfy's existence is proven. However, when the staff contacted Keane, he denied any knowledge of Perfy (hmm...). The NJ Secretary of State contacted the newspaper, informing them that Perfy had appeared in a video. They were supposedly going to mail the video out, but they failed to deliver and mysteriously became unavailable for further comments. Also, the people originally contacted refused to take further calls from the Stinger staff.

If anyone has any information about Perfy , no matter how minor, be sure to /msg me, and I would love it if anyone could sell me Perfy merchandise, rare as it may be. Even if you remember Perfy, contact me if you would.

Believe me, I am not making shit up. I believe the Jersey Devil is our mascot now, but for a brief period in the 80's, there WAS a Perfy. And for some reason, he is now a big government cover up.

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