Nantucket Nectars make my favorite drink, their Lemonade is made with 15% juice. After doing quite a bit of sampling of various lemonades, made by various companies (Snapple mixed in another juice in their lemonade, so it didn't taste right. EverFresh and AriZona were my old favorites, but have been replaced), I've become extremely spoiled by NN. I spend the $1.30 or so to buy a NN each time I have to eat in our overpriced cafeteria.

So, after drinking one after the other on all those days where I either was too lazy to make my lunch or forgot it, I have a large collection of their bottles. Each bottlecap comes with a little saying on it, and I have yet to get a duplicate. (This is after a small, unscientific sample of 30 caps). Today's quote is "The Quality Juice Evolution Solution is Tom and Tom's promise to always provide the highest quality juice."

Their advertising seems very reminiscent of the Bartles and James style of advertising. Two guys talking about their productand how they're proud of their town (the island of Nantucket.) Their slogan is "We're juice guys." (which is also their website They also say that their juice is like their grandmothers used to make. Their drinks are "squeezed" and not from concetrate. (I'm not sure how different that is from other companies, but their ingredient list is at least pronounceable by me, whereas some of the other drinks I have around here aren't.)

For a while, NN also had their own stores which sold all their juices. (I'm not about to list them, as the above writeup tried, as they are constantly adding new juices.) I can't find any mention of these stores on their website, and all the stores that I knew of have closed down, so I am assuming they've dropped these. (They were trying to recapture the original success of their juice bar, but didn't manage to do so.)

They have a not-for-profit organization which does charity work called "Juice Guys Care," a general store and delivery service (which was what started the whole nantucket nectars as a company) called "Allserve Boat Business" and "Allserve General Store," and their original juice bar called "Juice Guys Juice Bar."

Most of this information is straight from their website, so if you're curious about more information please check out their website

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