A soft drink that is very popular in the south east United States. Can be found in any grocery store in that area. Their advertising characterized Coca-Cola and Pepsi as being Big Brotherish. The RC stands for Royal Crown.

RC Cola ... is there a better soft drink? Is there a better drink at all? I once had a glass of 1977 Fonseca Vintage Port, but that's the only thing that even comes close.

I am glad to see some support for this beverage of champions here at Everything. I would like to assure the drinkers of the world that it is not simply a regional soda. Far from it. RC Cola has been the pillar of my non-alcholic drinking experience throughout my life here in New England. It was easily obtainable when I lived in Colorado as well.

As I see it, RC has several advantages over its larger competitors:

  1. It tastes much, much better; and at usually similar (or lower) prices.
  2. It does not taste like dirt (as, seriously, I feel Coca-Cola does).
  3. It is the official drink of Little League baseball (OK, maybe it's a stretch, but nos. 1 & 2 should be enough).

But these factors have not translated into market share. The Big Two (Coke & Pepsi for those living under rocks) have a stranglehold on the marketplace. You will not see RC at any major establishment's soda fountain (not even at Arby's which is owned--as is RC--by the Triarc Corporation), and actual soda machines are few and far between. I take a picture of every one I see. Anyway, the only way to ensure the future of this magnificent beverage is to drink it, and in large quantities. Spread the gospel!

RC Cola's diet version was Diet Rite. According to http://www.dietritecola.com Diet Rite was the very first diet cola, introduced in 1958. Nowadays Diet RC and Diet Rite brands coexist.

My parents used to drink this before the introduction of Diet Coke in the 1980s. They tried their hardest to get me to like it but it was absolutely vile. Hardly any sweetness and an aftertaste that hung in your mouth forever. What's the fun of soda is it isn't sweet? Might as well drink straight coffee or tea, and they taste much better.

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