The Moon Pie is a brand of snack food associated with the South. It consists of two circular slabs of a vaguely graham cracker-like substance about five inches in diameter, sandwiching a layer of banana-esque cream, and entirely coated with chocolate.
Really quite good. for a virtual tour of the MoonPie plant

According to Bigger Secrets by William Poundstone, the foamy, adhesive filling (similar to that of Mallomar cookies) in a MoonPie marshmallow sandwich is probably made of about 39% sugar, 24% invert syrup, 20% water, 16% corn syrup, and 2% gelatin (by weight).

Poundstone once wrote to the company, asking for a recipe (to use the filling in a cake), and got a courteous reply explaining the impossibility of making the filling at home. "Some of the ingredients used in making marshmallow involve liquid sugars such as cane sugar and/or corn sugar. Those particular ingredients would only be available to you in a 350 lb. drum or a railroad tank car."

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