Beverage consumed with great frequency by Uberfetus. The distinctive bottle has been mistaken for actual beer by friends, teachers, coworkers, and the police. Mutual love of IBC has been the genesis of a few of my friendships. People who mistakenly call this refreshing drink "ICB root beer" become my sworn enemies.

From IBC's web site:

IBC Root Beer is famous for its brown bottle and rich flavor. The Independent Breweries Company was founded in 1907 with the merger of nine small brewing firms. With Prohibition threatening the business, the Independent Breweries Company needed a way to keep its guests happy. In 1919, the smooth, creamy taste of IBC Root Beer was born.

The IBC Root Beer formula was created with only the finest ingredients. The Independent Breweries Company packaged root beer in the same brown bottles as we have today. The 12 ounce size of the beer bottles gave IBC Root Beer an advantage over the other soft drinks, which were sold in the only in seven ounce bottles.

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