Wild Cherry Pepsi was introduced in the USA by Pepsi-Cola in 1988, riding the heals of Cherry Coke, hoping to cash in on the wave of cherry drinks (including Cherry 7-Up and Cherry Cola Slice). It's worth noting, however, that Cherry Pepsi was "beta tested" in parts of Canada several months in 1985 before the release of its "wild" brother into the world (Why didn't Canada get "Wild Cherry" and just "Cherry"? Who knows, maybe Canadians aren't wild enough).

Also following a new lead, instead of just adding cherry syrup to the mix, they actually went so far as to reformulate it in the same way that Coca-Cola remade Diet Coke. The result is a less sugary-sweet cola with a more complex taste on par more with Cherry Coke as opposed to Pepsi.

I am going to have to explain that although Coke came up with Cherry Coke long before Pepsi even fathomed adding some kind of fruit flavor to their recipe, Pepsi took the idea quite a bit further by stating that their version is wild. Yes, that's right -- stand back, folks, 'cause this is no ordinary cherry cola; this bitch is wild!

What scared me a year or so back was seeing a lame commercial for Wild Cherry Pepsi. A great non-taste-related thing about WCP, like RC Cola, is the lack of a marketing image.

Cherry Coke clone or not, I would consider Wild Cherry Pepsi to be one of my preffered sodas, along with RC, Jones Soda, and of course, the legendary but discontinued OK Soda.

Yes, indeed.

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