More than a fruit-based beverage, Fruitopia is a way of looking at the world. It is seeing things as they might be - a better world that could be created should mankind finally allow large pieces of fruit to rule over them.

The Despot-For-Life Fruits will hold sway over your mind, body, and spirit... as described in Fruitopia's "advertisements", or manifestos.

A faction group has split off from the unified Fruitopia vision - Snapple. By educating and training legged fruit in the art of war, Snapple hopes to accelerate the ascent of fruit to power by creating an army that will march across the landscape, laying waste to everything non-fruity, much like Sherman.

The only fruit drink I have ever come across that contains coconut oil. (coconut oil being a thick yellow substance that is used to pop popcorn and give it that nice buttered look)

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