The Middle East is a region of the world which has been a flashpoint for conflict throughout the 20th century. Oil, light sweet crude (specifically), religion, despots, Cold War intrigues and the Suez Canal have caused people to bleed and die in the sands for a long long time. But the Middle East is also the cradle of civilization. Technically, the Middle East is in Asia, mostly.

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Nations/autonomous regions:

Israel, Palestine and their conflicts:

The Persian Gulf War

The Persian Gulf War II

See also War on Iraq 2003, War on Iraq 2002.

Arabs, culture, and stories:

See also Middle Eastern poetry.

Middle Eastern religion:

  • Lots of people like to refer to the Bible, Talmud, Torah and Koran/Qu'ran now and then. All of these holy books were put together mostly in the Middle East.
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Key holy sites of the three major monotheistic religions lie within a very small area of a Middle East City known as Old Jerusalem. The Second Coming Of Christ, the The Ascent of Mohammed to Heaven, The Western Wall, it's all going on right here. All kinds of stuff debatably happened here back in the day, depending on who you ask. A question for another node.

Bodies of water:

Water is a hidden crucial factor in middle eastern politics (Suez?). There are only a few water sources but a lot of people. Thus, conflict. Most of these are nodeshells. Noders?

Stuff from Antiquity:

See also the Dictionary of Biblical people and the fertile crescent nodes, very good both.
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Of course, any devoted Risk player knows that the Middle East is the trickiest region to hold on to, because without it you can't get the Asia bonus, but it's surrounded by the enemy's other continents!
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