What can you do when one religious big-shot goes around saying all sorts of nonsense, and hundreds of thousands of people hang on his every word? Of course I could be talking about many religious leaders here, but I am referring to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, and his incessant stupidity.
I don't pretend to know about religion, God and whatnot, but I'm talking about a spiritual leader of a Political Party (Shas), whos ministers go around, apologetically trying to explain what he meant.

Rabbi Yosef very recently explained that the Jews that died in the Holocaust were reincarnated souls who had sinned in previous lives. Although reincarnation is talked about in the Kaballa, it is not in the forefront of Jewish belief, or at least wasn't until now.

Since World War 2, Rabbis have had a hard time explaining the grotesque murder of 6,000,000 Jews, among them some 1,500,000 children. The only explanation in the form of reincarnation, until now, has been by a holocaust surviver, in which he said that God told the dead that those who wanted their souls cleansed could go back (to this world) and go through the holocaust. The number is so great because of the tremendous turn out. Well, wouldn't you have gone?

Anyway, what pisses me off is that the Rabbi has actually turned the Nazis into 'messengers of God'. They can't have been evil if they did God's work, can they? All they did was cleanse Jews' souls. What a jolly good bunch!

Obviously, there is somewhat of a ruckus about this in Israel, but it'll blow over, and what will remain is half a million people who believe that the holocaust was a good thing.

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