What evil lurks in the dark minds of men?
Still the ghosties and ghoulies of years way back when?
On October three-one, during twilight's fruition
What startles and shocks the soul's intuition?
Still werewolves and Bigfoot? The Devil again?
No, sir, prophesies my strange cursèd pen
Whatever makes up your base superstition
Man is a monster of meaner disposition
And when the Halloween deception's presented
Be assured truer fears'll be well represented

"A trick on you is a treat for me,"
Cried smarty pants fifth-grader Bartleby
Who saw his dear papa perpetrate rape
On a scared weeping woman with no chance of escape
It enthralled and excited him sexually
So come Halloween loathed rapist he'll be
With a knife, some rope and a fancy new cape
On unwilling bodies his own form will drape
"What a trick," he says, with ever-deep thrust,
"If it ain't unwilling, it's naught but a bust."

Gentle Anglo Tommy, white as fresh snow
Thought, "Come Halloween, I'll kill a negro."
Decked in pale hood with chest crossèd bright red
And hoping to stand in Christ's blessèd stead
With cord, to the tree, a'lynching he'll go
To him, mixing races is God's overthrow
"Trick o' treat, white power," 'swhat Tommy said
Before he rendered the darkies all dead
The 'nitials he stands for are K, K, and K
He dreams of pure race on this holiday

Dearest Carlita called out, "Trick o' treat!"
And followed by asking for something to eat
But wanted no Mars Bar, no Snickery snack
Nor colorful gummy, nor crisp Cracker Jack
Her penchant instead for man's tender meat
A helping of long pig all roasty and sweet
Seeing her guise, all the kiddies stood back
Afraid to end up on the broiling rack
Silent lambs, red dragons and Hannibal
Inspired this costume of cannibal

Since pretty Penny achieved years of four
She's dreamed of a lock for her bedroom's door
All the year round, her daddy's molesting
'Twas long ago that she quit protesting:
"Daddy, please no, no don't hurt me no more"
For gross nightly dance became just a chore
This Halloween, young Penny is questing
Daddy's misdeeds one night to be besting
For her costume, she'll playact the pedophile
Diddling young children with well practiced style

Bobby, age seven, his sweet true love kissed
But then he confronted her with his fist
"Bitch," he yelled, "can't you do anything right?"
"I'll teach you the lesson of my loving spite"
He accused her of cheating, a secret tryst
His next punch hit home, though first one he missed
"I'm a man," Bobby said. "This is my right."
And he beat her through the whole of the night
The next morning he said, as he dried her tears
"Spousal abuse was my costume this year."

Watching crime drama on channel Discov'ry
Had an effect on our little girl Bea
In black hooded robe with targeted chest
With skill writing letters fear to impress
This night dressed to kill both you and/or me
In search of feelings of confidency
It's said serial killers at bed wetting are best
With murd'rous tendency Bea had been blessed
The trick o' treaters cried, "Alas! Alack!"
Here she comes now, dressed as the Zodiac

In suit and cravat, young Ken was all smiles
Earning sugary treats with well-rehearsed wiles
Helping rich get richer by plying trade
While poorer, the money he made
Unwilling supporters died in high styles
Each man represented in thick secret files
Confidence stupid Ken often displayed
While playing with lives like in an arcade
He swore his acts were constituent volition
His Halloween guise corrupt politician

While most kiddies choose such random fare
Seven dressed themselves with much greater care
No Frankenstein's monster, nor wrappèd mummy
No dark witch, nor anatomist's dummy
No claw unsheathed, nor canine teeth to bare
They achieved without doubt the greater scare
Come Halloween, if you would frighten me
A rapist, killer, or pedophile be
While some still cower in deep superstition
Man is a monster of meaner disposition

As if you couldn't tell, this was penned for They Hunger For Nodes: An e2 Halloween Scary Story Quest