In Ball Hog or Tugboat?, a Mike Watt (with a ton of other musicians) album, there is a answering machine message from Kathleen Hanna, who was asked to be on the album. Here's what she said to Mssr. Watt:

Hello. Mr Watt. This is Kathleen Hanna. Returning your phone's about 3:45 on Monday. An' it's about that fuckin' record you asked me to do something for. And I guess I'm responding to that now, 'cause I have a few minutes...And I wanna tell you, I have a friend who was raped by, fucked by, whatever you wanna call it, by a guy who was on your record, gonna be on your record. He's a big rawk staaaar! Yeah! When he was 27 and she was 13, he was a big rock star too! And, uhh...I don't know if the phrase power imbalance means anything to you, but I just wasn't sure I wanna included in your big white boy fuckin' hall of shame here. You know? Do I really wanna be sandwiched in between some of these guys that are doing this big white baby with an ego problem thing? I mean...Get over it! It's so boring. Some of these guys should just quit music, and become, fuckin', lifegaurds at like Wild Waves or some shit. So they can get their fuckin' anger management, get their power trips out on the kids, maybe they'd be actually saving someone's life.

Heeey! Don't run by the pool!

That's what I hear when I hear some of this music by a lot of these fuckin' guys. I mean, I guess what I'm saying is I'm just too cool to be on your fuckin' record. You know? I really don't wanna perpetuate, or be included in a thing, where it's just this...I don't know. Just this new music coming out by guys right now in the rock world or used-to-be-rock world, or punk world or whatever is like, "I'm a straight, white, middle class, male rock star guy, but I'm so fuckin' oppressed, I'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me..."


Yawn. Like superfuckin' yawn. So I just wanna say no, no, no, no, I'm not going to be on your fucking record, no.

But ummm...Mr. Watt. Dude. Babe. Sir. Uh, you need to get me my fuckin' Annie (?!?) soundtrack back soon, 'cause you've had it forever and I know you haven't even fuckin' listened to it yet. So gimme a call and tell me when that's gonna happen. Bye.

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