The left field wall in Fenway Park. While only 310 feet down the left field line, it is thirty-seven (37) feet tall and has a twenty-three (23) foot tall fence on it to keep the balls from breaking windows across the street.

A rather potent alcoholic mixture. Its "official" components are disputed in every bar that creates them, but they universally contain Blue Curaçao which gives them their green colouring.

The version this author was introduced to is
1/2 pint of lager
1/2 pint of cider
1 shot of Blue Curaçao (bols blue for instance)

but other versions include

1/2 pint Cider
1/2 pint Lager
1 shot Blue Curaçao
2 shots Tequila
2 shots Vodka
And yes, the other theme in the Green Monster is that they are all essentially snakebites with a monster kick.

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